Sale of Real Estate. The answer to a question what is our job responsibilities.

1. We start with the personal examination of the real estate, taking photos.

2. We do a market research by analysing real similar recent deals in the certain region. We work with a special database available for the industry professionals. We use the classifieds websites with the only purpose to compare the prices of the other sellers selling their properties.

3. We agree on the purchase price, considering the owner’s needs and the real market situation.

4. We cover the expenses of listing the property for sale on special websites, our webpage and, if necessary, also the costs of placing and approval of the outdoor advertisement.

5. We undertake the full responsibility for showing the property to the buyers. If the house that needs to be sold or shown to a buyer is empty, the most convenient way is to give us one copy of keys, this will allow us to agree on the time of showing the house much easier for all the involved parties.

6. Before we show the property to buyers, we carefully examine all the peculiarities of the property, especially in case of land parcels – wildlife preservation areas, cultural and historic heritage and other aspects.

7. Having found a buyer, we take the necessary steps to ensure fast and efficient transaction. This includes the preparation of necessary agreements, such as earnest, intent or purchase agreement. Adjusting of the agreement to the needs of the respective transaction:
a) the client is purchasing the property with a bank financing and the property has no encumbrances;
a) the client is purchasing the property with a bank financing and the property has encumbrances;
c) the client is buying the property for 100% own funds.

We also agree on the most appropriate or necessary method of money transfer, using:
a) an escrow account
b) a notary’s safekeeping deposit, or
c) an interbank transfer.

8. Engaging of a most appropriate notary, considering the process and the aspects of the transaction.

9. Supervision and management of the necessary documentation turnover among the involved parties and authorities. A special attention should be paid to serious mistakes made by bank employees failing to go into details of the transaction.

10. Support in re-registration of the property in the Land Register.

11. Transfer and acceptance of the property by a new owner, including the preparation of the Acceptance Certificate.

12. If necessary, looking for a new dwelling for the owner.

The process of selling may take from 2 weeks up to 3 months, depending on the transaction and the condition of the property.

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