WINDO Real Estate is performing in the Latvian real estate market for already more than 20 years. Over the time we have grown diverse experience, so a result we have crystallised our Vision of action – to ensure top-level service to customers.
We believe we can make the world better if we bring services to our clients with pure conscience and in experience developed business relationship.
Our team’s Values are:
• customers’ needs
• our responsibility
• cooperation.
This manifests in our everyday work and attitude towards people around.

The company’s strategy is to offer a whole set of services in the Latvian real estate market, putting emphasis on the high quality, professional and dynamic service.
We ensure the participation and consultations of our professionals during any of the transaction phases:
• purchase of the real estate;
• sale of the real estate;
• rent, lease of the real estate;
• ownership arrangement;
• property management;
• assessment of the real estate;
• processing of the documents;
• real estate market research analysis;
• legal consultation;
• representation of clients’ interests.

More about our services You can find out here.